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75 Targets For Immunotherapy In Acute Leukemia. Current Drug Targets Christopher S. Hourigan 0
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352 Cytokines as targets in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Current Drug Targets Kian Fan Chung 10.2174/138945006777435263 109
353 Tetraplex binding molecules as anti-cancer agents. Recent Patents On Anti-cancer Drug Discovery Kevin M. Doherty; Sudha Sharma; Rigu Gupta; Robert M. Brosh 10.2174/157489206777442232 12
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360 Development of Miltefosine for the Leishmaniases Mini Reviews In Medicinal Chemistry J D Berman 10.2174/138955706775475993 32
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371 Countermeasures to the bioterrorist threat of smallpox. Current Molecular Medicine Peter B. Jahrling; Elizabeth A. Fritz; Lisa E. Hensley 10.2174/156652405774962326 33
372 Nanoparticle Formulation Increases Oral Bioavailability of Poorly Soluble Drugs: Approaches, Experimental Evidences and Theory Current Nanoscience Lee Jia 10.2174/157341305774642939 73
373 Global Governmental Investment in Nanotechnologies Current Nanoscience Lee Jia 10.2174/157341305774642957 14
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399 SV40 Pseudovirions as Highly Efficient Vectors for Gene Transfer and their Potential Application in Cancer Therapy Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Chava Kimchi-Sarfaty; Michael M. Gottesman 10.2174/1389201043376670 26
400 Molecular elements of apoptosis-regulating pathways in follicular thyroid cells: mining for novel therapeutic targets in the treatment of thyroid carcinoma. Current Drug Targets. Immune, Endocrine And Metabolic Disorders Nicholas J. Sarlis; Gourgiotis L 10.2174/1568008043339866 8
401 Perspectives in tissue microarrays. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening Till Braunschweig; Joon-Yong Chung; Stephen M. Hewitt 10.2174/1386207043328445 46
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404 A molecular understanding of mast cell activation and the promise of anti-allergic therapeutics. Current Medicinal Chemistry Martina Kovarova; Juan Rivera 10.2174/0929867043364801 36
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410 Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Behavioral Effects of Cocaine: Lessons From Knockout Mice Current Pharmacogenomics F. Scott Hall; Ichiro Sora; George R. Uhl 10.2174/1570160043377673 2
411 Genetic studies in relation to kuru: an overview. Current Molecular Medicine L. G. Goldfarb; L. Cervenakova; D. C. Gajdusek 10.2174/1566524043360627 27
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414 Can HIV be Cured? Mechanisms of HIV persistence and strategies to combat it. Current HIV Research Dean H. Hamer 10.2174/1570162043484915 74
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418 Genetic and biochemical aspects of drug resistance in malaria parasites. Current Drug Targets. Infectious Disorders Karen Hayton; Xin-zhuan Su 10.2174/1568005043480925 72
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424 Novel protein targeted therapy of metastatic melanoma. Current Pharmaceutical Design Arthur E. Frankel; Han Mo Koo; Stephen H. Leppla; Nicholas S. Duesbery; George F. Vande Woude 10.2174/1381612033454162 16
425 Natural product origins of Hsp90 inhibitors Current Cancer Drug Targets Yoshimasa Uehara 10.2174/1568009033481796 70
426 Folate and homocysteine metabolism: therapeutic targets in cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders. Current Medicinal Chemistry Mark P. Mattson; Frank Haberman 10.2174/0929867033456864 29
427 Targeting the lung: preclinical and comparative evaluation of anticancer aerosols in dogs with naturally occurring cancers. Current Cancer Drug Targets Chand Khanna; David M. Vail 10.2174/1568009033481903 31
428 The Use of Microarrays to Characterize Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Postmortem Studies of Substance Abuse and Schizophrenia Current Molecular Medicine Elin Lehrmann; Thomas M. Hyde; P. Vawter; Kevin G. Becker; Joel E. Kleinman; William J. Freed 10.2174/1566524033479690 23
429 Surface-linked liposomal antigen induces IgE selective unresponsiveness in a T-cell independent fashion. Current Drug Targets. Immune, Endocrine And Metabolic Disorders Tetsuya Uchida 10.2174/1568008033340252 5
430 AIDS-related insulin resistance and lipodystrophy syndrome. Current Drug Targets. Immune, Endocrine And Metabolic Disorders Tomoshige Kino; George P. Chrousos 10.2174/1568008033340289 17
431 Cytokine network in inflammatory bowel disease. Current Drug Targets. Inflammation And Allergy Ivan J. Fuss 10.2174/1568010033484197 23
432 Targeted Inhibition of Angiogenic Factors in AIDS-related Disorders Current Drug Targets. Infectious Disorders Yoshiyasu Aoki; Giovanna Tosato 10.2174/1568005033481222 24
433 Treatment of obesity: should we target the individual or society? Current Pharmaceutical Design P. Antonio Tataranni 10.2174/1381612033454946 12
434 The Control of Dopamine Neuron Development, Function and Survival: Insights From Transgenic Mice and The Relevance to Human Disease Current Medicinal Chemistry J. B. Eells 10.2174/0929867033457700 43
435 Cytokine, Chemokine, and Costimulatory Molecule Modulation to Enhance Efficacy of HIV Vaccines Current Molecular Medicine Jeffrey D. Ahlers; Igor M. Belyakov; Jay A. Berzofsky 10.2174/1566524033479843 72
436 Live recombinant vectors for AIDS vaccine development. Current Molecular Medicine Rebecca Voltan; Marjorie Robert-Guroff 10.2174/1566524033479816 22
437 Calcium as a molecular target in angiogenesis. Current Pharmaceutical Design Angela M. Patton; Jareer Kassis; Howard Doong; Elise C. Kohn 10.2174/1381612033391559 54
438 Glutamate mGlu5-adenosine A2A-dopamine D2 receptor interactions in the striatum. Implications for drug therapy in neuro-psychiatric disorders and drug abuse Current Medicinal Chemistry-Central Nervous System Agents Sergi Ferré; Francisco Ciruela; Amina S. Woods; Meritxell Canals; Javier Burgueño; Daniel Marcellino; Marzena Karcz-Kubicha; Bruce T. Hope; Marisela Morales; Patrizia Popoli; Steven R. Goldberg; Kjell Fuxe; Carme Lluís; Rafael Franco; 10.2174/1568015033357779 22
439 Viral and cellular cytokines as therapeutic targets in AIDS-related lymphoproliferative disorders. Current Drug Targets. Cardiovascular & Haematological Disorders Yoshiyasu Aoki; Giovanna Tosato 10.2174/1568006033337294 2
440 CD45 protein-tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor development. Current Topics In Medicinal Chemistry Kyeong Lee; Terrence R. Burke 10.2174/1568026033452267 13
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442 Non-Camptothecin DNA Topoisomerase I Inhibitors in Cancer Therapy Current Topics In Medicinal Chemistry Meng Ling-hua; Liao Zhi-yong; Yves Pommier 10.2174/1568026033452546 101
443 Electrostatics in Protein Binding and Function Current Protein & Peptide Science Neeti Sinha; Sandra J. Smith-Gill 10.2174/1389203023380431 110
444 Protein structure to function via dynamics. Protein And Peptide Letters Neeti Sinha; Sandra J. Smith-Gill 10.2174/0929866023408508 27
445 Monoclonal antibody-based therapy strategies: providing options for the cancer patient. Current Pharmaceutical Design Diane E. Milenic 10.2174/1381612023393963 35
446 Disorders of vesicles of lysosomal lineage: the Hermansky-Pudlak syndromes. Current Molecular Medicine Marjan Huizing; William A. Gahl 10.2174/1566524023362357 101
447 Mechanism of idiosyncratic drug reactions: reactive metabolite formation, protein binding and the regulation of the immune system. Current Drug Metabolism Changqing Ju; J. P. Uetrecht 10.2174/1389200023337333 139
448 The role of cyclooxygenase inhibitors in cancer prevention. Current Pharmaceutical Design William F. Anderson; Asad Umar; Jaye L. Viner; Ernest T. Hawk 10.2174/1381612023394935 62
449 Function of Cytokines within the TGF-β Superfamily as Determined from Transgenic and Gene Knockout Studies in Mice Current Molecular Medicine Ashok B. Kulkarni; Tamizchelvi Thyagarajan; John J. Letterio 10.2174/1566524024605699 68
450 Second generation adeno-associated virus type 2-based gene therapy systems with the potential for preferential integration into AAVS1. Current Gene Therapy Roland A. Owens 10.2174/1566523024605627 33
451 Acid alpha-glucosidase deficiency (glycogenosis type II, Pompe disease). Current Molecular Medicine Nina Raben; Paul H. Plotz; Barry J. Byrne 10.2174/1566524024605789 197
452 Type I glycogen storage diseases: disorders of the glucose-6-phosphatase complex. Current Molecular Medicine Janice Yang Chou; Dietrich Matern; Brian C. Mansfield; Yuan-Tsong Chen 10.2174/1566524024605798 235
453 Homeobox genes and human genetic disorders. Current Molecular Medicine Yangu Zhao; Heiner Westphal 10.2174/1566524023363077 15
454 Lentiviral vectors for gene therapy of HIV-1 infection. Current Gene Therapy Mario R. Mautino 10.2174/1566523023348165 23
455 Peptide toxins directed at the matrix dissolution systems of cancer cells Protein And Peptide Letters Arthur E. Frankel; Thomas H. Bugge; Shihui Liu; Daniel A. Vallera; Stephen H. Leppla 10.2174/0929866023409048 6
456 Lipoprotein cholesterol and atherosclerosis. Current Molecular Medicine Howard S. Kruth 10.2174/1566524013363212 91
457 Chemistry and biochemistry of 2′,5′-oligoadenylate-based antisense strategy Current Medicinal Chemistry Steven A. Adah; Suzanne F. Bayly; Hagen Cramer; Robert H. Silverman; Paul F. Torrence 10.2174/0929867013372445 28
458 Metastatic thyroid cancer unresponsive to conventional therapies: novel management approaches through translational clinical research. Current Drug Targets. Immune, Endocrine And Metabolic Disorders Nicholas J. Sarlis 10.2174/1568008013341550; 10.2174/1568005310101020103 37
459 Molecular mechanisms of ligand recognition by parathyroid hormone 1 (PTH1) and PTH2 receptors. Current Pharmaceutical Design S. R. J. Hoare; T. B. Usdin 10.2174/1381612013397825 49
460 Molecular analysis of primary central nervous system and primary intraocular lymphomas Current Molecular Medicine N Tuaillon; C C Chan 10.2174/1566524013363915 50
461 Pharmacology of phosphoinositides, regulators of multiple cellular functions. Current Pharmaceutical Design Tamas Balla 10.2174/1381612013397906 53
462 The molecular basis of type 1 glycogen storage diseases. Current Molecular Medicine Janice Yang Chou 10.2174/1566524013364112 45
463 A combination of subtherapeutic doses of chemically modified doxycycline (CMT-8) and a bisphosphonate (clodronate) inhibits bone loss in the ovariectomized rat: a dynamic histomorphometric and gene expression study. Current Medicinal Chemistry N. S. Ramamurthy; S. Bain; C. T. Liang; J. Barnes; A. Llavaneras; Yu Liu; D. Puerner; M. J. Strachan; L. M. Golub 10.2174/0929867013373534 14
464 Membrane Transporters and Antifungal Drug Resistance Current Drug Targets Vassil St. Georgiev 10.2174/1389450003349209 60
465 Measurement of myo-Inositol in Biological Systems by Mass Spectrometric and In Vivo 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Techniques Current Organic Chemistry H. Umesha Shetty; Wei Huang 10.2174/1385272003376382 4
466 Tissue engineering techniques in cardiac repair and disease modelling. Current Pharmaceutical Design Christopher Rao; Hannah Barratt; Themistoklis Prodromakis; Cesare M. Terracciano 10.2174/13816128113199990442 3
467 Exploring N(1)-p-fluorobenzyl-cymserine as an inhibitor of 5-lipoxygenase as a candidate for type 2 diabetes and neurodegenerative disorder treatment. CNS & Neurological Disorders Drug Targets Qurrat Ul Ain; Nigel H. Greig; Muhammad Sulaman Nawaz; Sajid Rashid; Mohammad Amjad Kamal 10.2174/18715273113126660136 0
468 Placebo Effects in Therapeutic Outcomes Current Clinical Pharmacology Adam P Horin; Kent M. Lee; Luana Colloca 10.2174/1574884708999140101145528 4
469 Infectious disorders. Introduction. Current Drug Targets. Infectious Disorders Goldman Rc 0
470 Antibacterial function of the human cathelicidin-18 peptide (LL-37) between theory and practice. Protein And Peptide Letters Simona Alexandra Iacob; Diana G. Iacob 1
471 Editorial: Managing Strategies for Diverse Diseases: Challenges from Bench to Bedside Translation in Successful Drug Discovery and Development. Current Pharmaceutical Design Mohammad Amjad Kamal; Nigel H. Greig 0
472 Parasitic infections. Treatment and developmental therapeutics. 1. Necatoriasis. Current Pharmaceutical Design Georgiev Vs 5
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