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24 Meet Our Associate Editor Current Gene Therapy Carine Giovannangeli 10.2174/156652321901190502112431 0
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181 Towards multifunctional synthetic vectors. Current Gene Therapy Barbara A. Demeneix; Zahra Hassani; Jean-Paul Behr 10.2174/1566523043345940 65
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187 ADAM Proteases: Protective Role in Alzheimers and Prion Diseases ? Current Alzheimer Research Bruno Vincent 10.2174/1567205043332072 24
188 Structure and enzymology of ADP-ribosyl cyclases: conserved enzymes that produce multiple calcium mobilizing metabolites. Current Molecular Medicine Francis Schuber; Frances E. Lund 10.2174/1566524043360708 102
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191 5-HT4 receptors. Current Drug Targets. CNS And Neurological Disorders Joël Bockaert; Sylvie Claeysen; Valérie Compan; Aline Dumuis 10.2174/1568007043482615 167
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193 Aurones: a subclass of flavones with promising biological potential. Current Medicinal Chemistry Ahcène Boumendjel 10.2174/0929867033456468 116
194 The Adenine Nucleotide Translocator: A New Potential Chemotherapeutic Target Current Drug Targets Anne-Sophie Belzacq; Catherine Brenner 10.2174/1389450033490867 29
195 Peptides as new inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase and integrase. Current Medicinal Chemistry V. Richard de Soultrait; Cécile Desjobert; Laura Tarrago-Litvak 10.2174/0929867033457007 26
196 The mitochondrial permeability transition pore complex as a pharmacological target. An introduction. Current Medicinal Chemistry Guido Kroemer 10.2174/0929867033457232 40
197 Synthetic peptides in the diagnosis of systemic autoimmune diseases. Current Protein & Peptide Science Fournel S; Muller S 10.2174/1389203033487126 24
198 Cationic lipids for transfection. Current Medicinal Chemistry Céline Nicolazzi; Marie Garinot; Nathalie Mignet; Daniel Scherman; Michel Bessodes 10.2174/0929867033457467 45
199 Hydroxyquinolines as iron chelators. Current Medicinal Chemistry Jean-Louis Pierre; P. Baret; G. Serratrice 10.2174/0929867033457584 60
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202 Annelid neuroimmune system. Current Pharmaceutical Design Christophe Lefebvre; Michel Salzet 10.2174/1381612033392251 3
203 Vitronectin Receptor -αVβ3 Integrin- Antagonists: Chemical and Structural Requirements for Activity and Selectivity Mini Reviews In Medicinal Chemistry Christophe Henry; Nicolas Moitessier; Yves Chapleur 10.2174/1389557023405602 22
204 In Search of New Anti-bacterial Target Genes: A Comparative/Structural Genomics Approach Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening Jean-Michel Claverie; Vincent Monchois; Stéphane Audic; Olivier Poirot; Chantal Abergel 10.2174/1386207023330002 16
205 Optimisation of a peptide library for screening specific RNA ligands by flow-injection NMR. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening Carine Tisné; Frédéric Dardel 10.2174/1386207023330084 14
206 The metabotropic glutamate receptors: structure, activation mechanism and pharmacology. Current Drug Targets. CNS And Neurological Disorders Jean-Philippe Pin; Francine Acher 10.2174/1568007023339328 259
207 Bifunctional penicillin-binding proteins: focus on the glycosyltransferase domain and its specific inhibitor moenomycin. Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Anne Marie Di Guilmi; Andréa Dessen; Otto Dideberg; Thierry Vernet 10.2174/1389201023378436 16
208 Glycolysis and proteases as targets for the design of new anti-trypanosome drugs. Current Topics In Medicinal Chemistry Faouzi Lakhdar‐Ghazal; Casimir Blonski; Michèle Willson; Paulus Michels; Jacques Périé 10.2174/1568026024607472 37
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211 Mimotopes of viral antigens and biologically important molecules as candidate vaccines and potential immunotherapeutics. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening CD Partidos; MW Steward 10.2174/1386207023330589 18
212 High-speed molecular mechanics searches for optimal DNA interaction sites. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening Ingrid Lafontaine; Richard Lavery 10.2174/1386207013330698 3
213 General and recent aspects of the chemistry and structure-activity relationships of taxoids. Current Pharmaceutical Design Françoise Guéritte 10.2174/1381612013397429 69
214 Recognition of peptides by antibodies and investigations of affinity using biosensor technology. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening M.H.V Van Regenmortel and L. Choulier 10.2174/1386207013330940 12
215 Molecular Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance in Gram-Positive Pathogens. Current Drug Targets. Infectious Disorders Andréa Dessen; A. M. Di Guilmi; Thierry Vernet; Otto Dideberg 10.2174/1568005013343272 51
216 The C-terminal domain of pancreatic lipase: functional and structural analogies with c2 domains. Current Protein & Peptide Science Henri Chahinian; Barbara Sias; Frédéric Carrière 10.2174/1389203003381487 26
217 The dolastatins, a family of promising antineoplastic agents. Current Pharmaceutical Design Joël Poncet 83
218 A Physico-Biochemical Study on Potential Redox-Cyclers as Antimalarial and Antischistosomal Drugs Current Pharmaceutical Design Laure Johann; Don Antoine Lanfranchi; Elisabeth Davioud-Charvet; Mourad Elhabiri 10.2174/138161212801327284 20
219 Contribution of Glucocorticoids and Glucocorticoid Receptors to the Regulation of Neurodegenerative Processes CNS & Neurological Disorders Drug Targets Sheela Vyas; Layal Maatouk 13
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